Emmerdale’s Carl: A night in jail… or life?

Carl King’s party piece lands him in prison again and Emmerdale star Tom Lister reveals he’s about to confess!

Is Carl still in love with Chas?

“Part of him is I think, but not enough to make him consider getting back with her. They’ve never had the easiest relationship and he’s been through massive emotional turmoil since Tom died.”

Why did his brothers force him to dump Chas?

“Basically because she’s got a big mouth! Carl wouldn’t be able to be with Chas without telling her what happened. She’d dig and dig until she got it out of him. And if she knew I don’t think she’d be able to keep it secret. She has a conscience and she might well decide to tell the police.”

Would he have split up with Chas otherwise?

“Well he’s not tempted to tell her the truth in order to stay with her…”

Does he feel guilty about his dad’s death?

“Incredibly guilty. It was an accident. Carl didn’t mean to do it but he’ll always feel guilty. He’ll never be able to completely get over it.”

Will he really be able to live with the secret for ever?

“If he was in this alone I’d say no. But he has Matthew and Jimmy. Whenever he has a weak moment they’ll step in and bolster him up.”

How do things turn nasty between Chas and Carl?

“They’re both at Paddy’s birthday party. Chas is flirting with Eli to wind Carl up and he tells her to stop embarrassing herself. She’s furious and follows him into the men’s loos. They end up kissing until Chas starts vowing to get Rosemary sent down for Tom’s murder.”

What does Carl say?

“He tells her he never loved her. Then back in the bar, she has a go at Carl who hits back by calling her a slapper. Chas attacks him and Eli gets involved and he and Carl start fighting and the police are called.”

That’s not exactly keeping a low profile, is it?

“Exactly. Carl and Eli end up in the cells for the night, but while Eli’s released the next day, Carl isn’t.”

Is he charged again then?

“Barraclough uses the opportunity to give him the third degree, saying she won’t rest until Tom’s killer is found. She thinks it’s Matthew and Carl only just manages to hold out under her pressure before he’s finally released.”

Might a new love interest help him get over Chas?

“He’s the type of bloke who needs someone to offload to but the thing is he’ll have to keep his massive secret. The only really safe woman would be Carrie. They have a history plus, of course, she knows that Carl killed Tom.”

And Barraclough… She’s not giving up on the case, is she?

“Not for a minute and Carl will need to watch himself and stay out of trouble. Jimmy makes him realise that his night in the slammer was playing right into her hands and could have turned out very bad indeed.”

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