Emmerdale’s Charity Dingle: Debbie’s ready to shop her mum

Emmerdale’s Charley Webb tells Soaplife how and why Debbie plans to get Charity arrested to save Pete…

Debbie Dingle has been good to her mum. She even sacrificed her relationship with Pete to stop Declan finding out that Charity aborted his child. But now all of her mum’s lies have been exposed, Debbie puts Pete first… The police offer him freedom in exchange for Charity’s confession and Debbie is determined to sacrifice Charity this time. “Debbie’s so sick to death of Charity using her,” Charley tells Soaplife. Will Debbie live to regret shopping her mum?

How does Debbie react when Pete (Anthony Quinlan) is arrested for manslaughter?
“It’s a big shock, but Pete’s always looked after her and she thinks it’s right to stand by him. She thinks they’ll be stronger as a team. It’s them against everybody else.”

Even though Andy (Kelvin Fletcher) is now going for custody of the kids?
“That’s the moment that tips her over the edge. She finally reaches breaking point and turns on her mother.”

But Andy has a change of heart over custody… Why?
“Debbie tells him he needs to get the farm ready, that it could be dangerous for Sarah because of everything she’s been through. He sees there’s a lot going on and that Debbie is a little fragile.”

Does Debbie understand why Andy didn’t want Pete around the kids?
“Absolutely. It would be the same for any parent. He doesn’t know Pete that well and, for all he knows, he could be selling drugs in the house with the kids there. Debbie puts up barriers because she doesn’t want to show any weakness, but there are moments when you see that she does understand what Andy is saying.”

Then DI Bails comes up with a suggestion…
“He tells Pete that if he can get a full confession from Charity [Emma Atkins] about the fire and the fraud he’ll drop all the charges against him. Debbie’s shocked and doesn’t say anything at first. Once she’s slept on it, she thinks there must be another way. No part of her immediately thinks they should drop Charity in it.”

What changes Debbie’s mind?
“When she finds out Charity’s been dealing in stolen cars. Charity and Ross [Michael Parr] have been using the farm for their illegal business, which could get Cain into trouble. It’s the last straw for Debbie. She realises she doesn’t owe her any more.”

How will Debbie get Charity to confess?
“Her idea is to record her the same way she did with Cameron, but the police say it won’t be usable. Instead, Debbie suggests she gets it on tape, then they can force her into a confession.”

Is Debbie sure she wants to turn her mum over?
“It’s a big thing and she’s agreed to do it in anger. Maybe when she has time to think about it, she might decide that it is all too much.”

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