Emmerdale’s vengeful Declan Macey thinks he has killed wife Charity and tries to stick her in the boot of his car – until she sticks the boot into him.

The couple’s terrifying storyline has been playing out this week as Declan (Jason Merrells) has taken Charity (Emma Atkins) off to what she originally thought was a romantic break in the woods, but has turned out to be him making sure they are isolated so that he can carry out his revenge for her lies about having an abortion.

Preview pictures from Thursday night’s (September 25) Emmerdale show that things will reach a bloody conclusion as Declan bundles what he believes to be Charity’s lifeless, blood-stained body into the boot of the car to dispose of her.

But ever the wily adversary, Charity is only playing dead – she waits until Declan is bending over her and gives him a sharp kick with her boot, before struggling free of the car.

However, with the final picture showing Declan grabbing hold of his wife as she tries to flee, Charity is not out of the woods yet.

Viewers can see the dramatic end to the scenes in the woods on September 26 on ITV.