Emmerdale‘s Charley Webb reveals to Soaplife how making a baby with Andy to save Sarah has blown apart her relationship with Cameron…

Cameron hates that Debbie slept with Andy to make the baby. Can their relationship survive?
“Debbie really hopes so. Apart from Sarah, Cameron is the most important thing to Debbie.”

Is Andy still a problem?
“Definitely. Every time Andy turns up it just causes more friction. Cameron’s totally had enough and is getting really angry. He’s also becoming more and more aware of Andy’s feelings for Debbie. She’s constantly scared that Cameron will leave her.”

But then Debbie dumps Cameron! Why?
“Cameron tells her that he’s going to be there for her and won’t leave her at a time when she’s going to need him the most. And this really gets to her… She’s never relied on anyone in her whole life. She thinks he’s only staying because of what’s going on rather than because he loves her. And that’s not right.”

Does she really want to end things, though?
“She is heartbroken – not so much that she’s made a mistake, but because she knows she can’t live like that. If he’s only staying because he feels he should then why would she want him to? She’s very strong and very focused as he leaves. She doesn’t show her feelings, which is classic Debbie.”

Does she feel better knowing that Cameron’s staying with Chas?
“No, she’s furious! She feels betrayed completely.”