Emmerdale’s Charley: ‘Debbie’s pregnant!’

Emmerdale‘s Charley Webb reveals to Soaplife that Debbie’s joy at falling pregnant will be short-lived if Cameron finds that she and Andy really made the baby!

Debbie’s hugely relieved when she finds out sleeping with Andy has done the trick and she’s pregnant with the baby she’s hoping will save little Sarah. But Cameron’s reaction is totally different. “He thinks she’s fallen pregnant by artificial insemination, but he still can’t deal with it and storms out,” says Charley. Which doesn’t bode at all well for if (when) he finds out she and Andy made the baby the natural way!

Does Debbie regret she didn’t tell Cameron that she had sex with Andy?

“She feels terrible. She doesn’t want to lie to Cameron, but she feels she has to. She had to do it for Sarah’s sake, but he said he’d leave her if she ever slept with Andy.”

Is lying the way to keep him, though?

“Apart from Sarah, he’s the most important person in Debbie’s life. In the same way she’d do anything to save her daughter, she’d do anything to save her relationship.”

Has sleeping with Andy changed her feelings for him at all?

“Not changed, but complicated things… She had sex with Andy because that’s what she had to do. But she realises Andy has started to have feelings for her and this panics her. She’s thinking, ‘Oh my God!'”

What makes Debbie take a pregnancy test on the morning of Charity’s wedding?

“Sarah’s wondering if she’ll ever get married because she’s so ill and that’s very upsetting for Debbie. She’s desperate to be pregnant so everything might be OK and decides to do the test right then.”

She must be overjoyed when it’s positive?

“She’s more relieved that what she’s done has paid off. But she’s not totally relieved because they don’t know if the baby is a match for Sarah yet. They’re a step closer, but Debbie fears it may not be enough.”

How does Andy react when Debbie tells him they’ve made a baby?

“He’s over the moon, but there’s more to it than that for him. Because he has feelings for Debbie, he likes it that they’re becoming a team. The closer they get, the more he likes it.”

And how does Cameron take the news?

“Not well at all and Debbie’s heartbroken by his reaction. While he’s happy for Sarah, he can’t deal with the fact that the woman he loves is pregnant by another man.”

Does Debbie think she can save her relationship with Cameron?

“She’s hoping the more time elapses since she and Andy slept together, the more it’ll go away. But she has her doubts. She knows she has to keep Andy on side, which means she can’t tell him she has no feelings for him.”

Could she ever fall back in love with Andy?

“No! She was young when they made Sarah and it was never love for her.”