Emmerdale’s Charley: ‘Debbie’s trapped by Cameron!’

Charley Webb tells Soaplife that Debbie is stunned when Cameron proposes in Emmerdale – and no wonder… Debbie’s planning a future that will see Cameron in prison!

So Debbie’s not keen to marry a murderer?
“She feels sick when Cameron proposes! She’s really struggling inside but she knows she has to act as if everything is normal. There would have been a time when she’d be thrilled about his proposal, but Cameron’s not the person she thought he was.”

Does she still love him?
“Yes, but she hates him, too. She feels heartbroken, betrayed and angry, but massively torn. She knows he has to go to prison, though. She’s in shock but has to do the right thing.”

And that means recording Cameron’s confession for the police…
“Her house is wired up with microphones and cameras and the police are watching and listening to everything. Debbie has to get Cameron to talk…”

Does Cameron notice Debbie’s behaving strangely?
“He thinks something’s odd, but not for long – he even suggests going upstairs. Although she doesn’t actually want to be anywhere near him, Debbie knows she has to keep him close and act as if everything is normal. That means she has to carry on sleeping with him.”

And Cameron does confess to Carl’s murder again…
“Yes, but he does it when they’re in The Woolpack, where there isn’t any recording equipment!”

No! So is there a Plan B?
“Debbie asks the police if she can wear a wire so that she doesn’t miss another confession and they agree, giving her a code word to shout if she needs them…”

“She gets the confession but Cameron sees the wire and takes Debbie hostage. She’s terrified because she’s trapped with a killer… And Cameron warns that if the police take one step closer, he will kill Debbie…”