Emmerdale’s Charley on her big story

Emmerdale‘s Charley Webb talks to Soaplife about Debbie’s troubles with her daughter, Sarah, and boyfriend Cameron…

Earlier this year, Emmerdale bosses promised Debbie would be involved in a huge storyline… and her daughter Sarah’s mysterious bruises seem to be the start of it. “Debbie presumes the first bruise is a result of playing, but then Sarah gets another one and Debbie starts to get concerned,” says Charley. “She doesn’t want to think Cameron’s involved, but she can’t dismiss it.” So could Cameron be a child abuser?

Kids get bruises all the time. Why is Debbie so worried about Sarah’s?

“She does think it probably happened while Sarah was playing with Samson – maybe she fell over or he hit her. Debbie knows Samson’s not really aggressive. And it’s quite a big bruise for that…”

What does Sarah say happened?

“Nothing. She’s keeping very quiet and this makes Debbie suspicious, especially when Sarah gets another bruise.”

It makes Andy suspicious, too – of Cameron.

“Debbie’s annoyed, but she does understand Andy’s thinking. Sarah’s his little girl and he hardly knows Cameron. Also, the bruises do seem to come after Cameron’s been looking after her.”

We know Debbie questions Cameron…

“She does imply he might have something to do with it. He’s deeply hurt she could ever suspect him. She doesn’t really, though. She feels sure that he’d never do anything like that.”

So what’s wrong with Sarah?

“Sarah’s not herself. She’s very tired and a bit down, but she says she hasn’t fallen or been in a fight with anyone. It doesn’t make sense. Debbie can’t understand why Sarah keeps getting these big bruises…”