Emmerdale’s Charley Webb: ‘Debbie’s feelings are all over the place, but she loves a bad boy’

There’s a lot of fighting going on in Emmerdale, Charley Webb tells Soaplife – and people are going to get hurt!

We’ve already seen how the chemistry crackles between Ross Barton and Debbie Dingle… Now their passion is ignited again when he takes place in a dangerous, illegal fight to try to pay back gangster Charlie. The sight of Ross’s bloody, bare torso is too much for Debbie – and her fiancé Pete notices.

“He grows suspicious,” says Charley. “He sees that Debbie’s afraid for Ross and realises there might be something more between them.”

What does Debbie think about Ross fighting?
“She’s panicking. It’s illegal and she’s worried Ross [Michael Parr] is going to get hurt. He’s doing it to get out of a mess and she’s really worried for his safety.”

Does she have feelings for him?
“Yes – but her feelings are all over the place. Debbie has strong feelings for Ross and Pete [Anthony Quinlan]. She’s very much in love with Pete, but her feelings for Ross are powerful, too. She enjoys the excitement he brings. She’s very confused.”

Does Debbie try to stop the fight?
“She tries to stop Ross by using Zak as an excuse. Zak [Steve Halliwell] pawns Lisa’s [Jane Cox] jewellery to bet on Ross winning and Debbie knows they don’t have any money. She tells Ross about that because she doesn’t want him to think she’s worried because of the feelings she has for him.”

What does Pete think?
“He gets more and more worried about what’s going on between Debbie and Ross as the fight progresses.”

Who should Debbie choose: Ross or Pete?
“Pete will give her stability and safety and it would be best for her kids, but Ross brings that bit of excitement she likes. Debbie loves a bad boy. That will always be in her.”

Emmerdale, ITV.


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