Emmerdale’s Charley Webb: Debbie’s love triangle hasn’t outstayed its welcome (VIDEO)

Emmerdale‘s Charley Webb told What’s on TV that Debbie’s love triangle with Ross and Pete Barton has been perfect because it hasn’t gone on too long.

The big revelation of the affair is set to take place in Tuesday’s climactic hour-long disaster episode and Charley said, unlike many soap affairs, the storyline ‘hasn’t gone on too long, it’s gone on long enough, [but] you get the result you want quite quickly’.

Charley added the disaster episode was a treat to film. “I’m always excited when there’s a stunt. It actually takes the pressure of us because it’s not about the actors with the stunts, it’s about the stunt teams, the teams that do the crashes, the explosions and the fire, so I actually find it much easier to do than the emotional stuff because that’s when the pressure is really on. The pressure’s not when you’re just lying on the floor!”

She suggested that Debbie may not escape the disaster unscathed and whether or not she survived was ‘highly questionable’.

Watch the interview with Emmerdale’s Charley Webb, above.

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