Emmerdale’s Chelsea: ‘Amy can’t resist her mum!’

Emmerdale‘s Chelsea Halfpenny reveals to Soaplife how Amy comes face to face with her mother – in bar-room brawl! But no matter how hard Amy tries, she can’t fight her off…

Amy’s unexpected reunion with her mum Kerry begins with a smack in the face! What happens?

“Amy’s on a night out in Hotten with Victoria when this guy starts flirting with Amy. But when she leans in for a kiss suddenly this woman appears and smacks her straight in the face for messing with her boyfriend. Amy hasn’t seen her mum for about 10 years but she recognises her voice!

How does Amy feel about her mum?

“I don’t think Amy remembers that much. More than missing the actual person, there’s been a hole in her life where a mother was supposed to be. She wanted this warm, lovely person and it just wasn’t like that.”

Does her mum recognise Amy?

“No, because Amy was just a child when she last saw her. But once Kerry knows who Amy is, she apologises and tries to give Amy her phone number. Amy’s like, ‘Why do I want that? You’re everything I wish you weren’t’. But at the last minute she does take it because deep down she always wanted to reconnect with her mam.”

Does Amy tell Val and Pollard?

‘No. They’ve got problems of their own what with Brenda being around. Amy’s getting used to having Val back and she doesn’t want to mess things up between them.”

Then Amy finds out Kerry has been to the village…

“And she’s not happy because she wanted to deal with the situation in her own time rather than Kerry making the first move. It’s like Kerry’s invaded Amy’s space. She doesn’t know how she feels and is very confused.”

Would Amy like her mum back in her life?

“There are going to be so many bridges to cross because so much went on in the past. And then there’s Val and Eric. Amy regards them as her mum and dad and really loves them. But then again, Kerry’s all alone… and she is Amy’s flesh and blood.”