Emmerdale’s Chelsea: ‘Amy reveals she kissed Andy’

Chelsea Halfpenny reveals to Soaplife why Amy decides she just has to tell her mum that she kissed Andy – her mum’s boyfriend – in Emmerdale!

Does Amy confess because she feels guilty?
“She’s struggling with guilt, but also with her feelings. She does fancy Andy and it’s a shame that he’s her mam’s boyfriend. She’s jealous of Kerry.”

And she snogs a footballer to make Andy jealous?
“Yes and no. Amy’s annoyed. Kerry and Andy are all over each other and Amy thinks, ‘Right, I’m going to forget about Andy and get off with this footballer tonight’. Andy sees the kiss and is a bit uncomfortable… He knows why she’s doing it. It’s very childish.”

Then Amy finds out Kerry has left Andy’s kids home alone again…
“She found out last time Kerry left Jack and Sarah because Sarah told her so, but this is the last straw because Amy actually sees it for herself. Sarah is the same age Amy was when she was taken into care so Kerry’s neglect reminds her of her own childhood.”

How does Kerry react to being caught out again?
“Amy and Kerry have a huge row and it gets a bit heated because there are years of problems and resentment there. It’s not just about Kerry not caring for Sarah and Jack properly… it’s about everything Kerry did to Amy when she was a child. It’s like Groundhog Day.”

So now Kerry’s worried Amy will tell Andy about her leaving the kids, and Andy’s worried Amy will tell Kerry about their kiss. Does Amy start talking?
“It’s very frustrating for Amy because it’s like they’re both only bothered about protecting themselves. Amy hasn’t done anything wrong, yet she’s stuck in the middle with both Andy and Kerry coming to her and saying, ‘Don’t tell her…’ and ‘Don’t tell him…’.

And then Amy finally snaps, doesn’t she?
“Yes. She goes round to tea, although she doesn’t really want to, and Kerry says it’s time Amy got a life and a bloke. Then Andy jumps in and says Kerry’s right, it is time she got a bloke. Amy’s thinking, ‘You’re joking! How dare you say that after we kissed!’ The final straw is when Kerry says she thinks Amy’s jealous of her.”

And Amy tells her she kissed her man?
“Yep. Kerry immediately says Amy’s lying. Her reaction is very defensive because she doesn’t want it to be true, but deep down she knows it might be.”

So Amy finally tells Andy about Kerry leaving his kids home alone…
“Kerry lies that Amy’s only saying it because she fancies Andy and he seems to believe Kerry. But if he were to find out that it’s Amy who’s telling the truth, then it would definitely end the relationship.”

Who is more important to Amy: Andy or her mum?
“Her mam. It’s not like Andy’s the love of her life and Kerry is her mam at the end of the day.”