Emmerdale’s Chris Bisson has admitted he was shocked when he first heard the lengths his character would go to in a bid to find his son.

Chris Bisson as Jai Sharma

Chris Bisson plays Jai Sharma in Emmerdale (ITV)

The actor’s alter-ego Jai Sharma has been unveiled as the man who kidnapped Charity Macey, attacking her and locking her up in a shipping container to get information about where Archie is.

Jai is unmasked as Charity's kidnapper

Jai has been unmasked as Charity’s kidnapper (ITV)

Talking about reading the scripts for the scenes, he told Digital Spy: “I was still quite shocked by what Jai had done and the way that he’d gone about it. What he’s done is very much premeditated, and that’s the disturbing thing!

“Once I’d read the scripts twice, I realised that Jai must have got all of this organised in advance. He’s gone away, found this shipping container and then decided what he was going to do to Charity.”

Jai Sharma and Charity


He added: “He’s been driven to it. On Friday, you saw that Declan told everyone that Charity had Rachel’s mobile number. Even when Jai went round to Home Farm afterwards, Charity denied that she had anything. Another thing is that Declan said to Jai that getting rid of Archie might have given Charity the greatest pleasure.

“Because of that, Jai has realised that if Charity has gone to those lengths to hurt him, she is absolutely never going to give up the information of where Archie is unless he forces it out of her. That’s why what he does is so severe!”

Chris believes Jai will release Charity if she spills the beans about his son.

Chris Bisson as Jai Sharma

He teased: “You’ll have to wait and see how far Jai goes because I don’t want to spoil this week’s episodes, but he’s already gone to the lengths of premeditated kidnap and torture. Those are very, very extreme emotional responses to a very difficult situation.”