Emmerdale‘s Chris Bisson warns Soaplife that Jai should fear for his life when Declan drops the bombshell that he knows the truth about Ella, Jai and Mia!

When Jai and Nikhil pop round to Declan’s with a few beers, Jai’s confused when his mate is unwelcoming… “Jai knows that Ella’s left so he and Nikhil go over with a few beers,” says Chris. “But Declan won’t let them in. It’s strange, but Jai buys the fact that Declan’s just going through a hard time.” Jai has no idea that Ella has told Declan that Jai is Mia’s father…until Declan tells him… over the barrel of a shotgun. “There’s a moment when you think Declan is really going to shoot Jai,” reveals Chris. And knowing how ruthless Declan can be, there could be a later moment when Jai wishes he had!

So Declan takes Jai shooting and quizzes him about Ella…
“Declan asks what happened with Ella and Jai thinks he means the recent pass she made at him and says he refused her. Declan replies, ‘This time you did!’ Then he makes it clear he knows Jai and Ella had a one-night stand 20 years ago.”

And he tells Jai that he’s Mia’s father, doesn’t he? Is Jai shocked?
“Jai’s not stupid. The suspicion had crossed his mind. The dates add up and Mia looks like him, but Ella never once mentioned it or used it against him so he kind of just buried it.”

It’s a very tense scene – especially as Declan is armed! Is Jai scared?
“There are 20 years of betrayal and Declan’s in a very emotional state. He loads the gun and points it at Jai and Jai asks if he’s going to blow his head off. Declan replies, ‘No – that’s way too easy. There’s more to come and you’ll be first to know about it’.”

How does Jai feel about Mia now he knows that he’s her father?
“Nikhil thinks Jai should tell Mia and can’t understand how he lived with the suspicion for 20 years. He thinks Mia has the right to know too.”

But Declan plans to send Mia away, doesn’t he?
“Declan’s decision is a kind of out-of-sight, out-of-mind solution. It’s not what Jai wants, but he’s not in a position to upset the applecart any further. Declan and Jai will have to find some kind of uneasy truce for the time being as people in the village are starting to notice things.”

Can Jai and Declan rescue their friendship?
“There are some big storylines coming up and it will appear like they’re back on track. But I can’t see Declan forgiving Jai. He’ll definitely get his revenge.”