Emmerdale’s Chris: ‘Jai’s dug himself a big hole’

Emmerdale‘s Chris Bisson reveals to Soaplife that Jai is not a happy daddy when news of Rachel’s pregnancy becomes common knowledge in the village

Jai’s desperate to cling to both his chance of becoming a daddy and the wife he loves. But when Rachel’s baby secret is revealed in the middle of The Woolpack he fears he could lose both! “Jai’s having a baby with the wrong person. He’s dug himself a big hole,” says Chris. “He’s paying the price for the whole tangled web of lies.” And that hole is just going to get deeper and deeper…

So, how exactly does Jai think he can be a dad to Rachel’s baby and a husband to Charity?

“I don’t think he’s thought it through. He’s trying to do right by Rachel by telling her not to abort the baby – and he’s trying to do right by Charity and Noah by protecting their home life. He’s also trying to do right by himself because he wants a baby and Charity refuses to have one with him. He’s trying to make everything OK for everyone, but that’s not going to happen.”

Especially when Charity finds out! He promised Rachel he’d tell her about the baby, so why hasn’t he?

“He’s tried to tell her several times, but he just can’t bring himself to do it. He’s living day by day, hour by hour. There’s no long-term strategy for coping with this revelation.”

But then the secret that Rachel’s pregnant suddenly comes out in The Woolpack!

“And Jai’s sitting with Charity when the news breaks! It’s awful. Charity suggests that Rachel takes a pregnancy test because she’s been ill and not pulling her weight at the cleaning job, then Dan notices she’s only drinking water and blurts out, ‘You’re up the spout!'” The whole pub is speechless. Rachel and Jai are horrified.”

But who do locals think is the father?

“Everyone’s pointing the finger at David. Jai feels terrible and guilty. He hates himself for the situation – skulking around and lying to his wife. He and Rachel have an uncomfortable conversation at the factory, where Jai says he’s very sorry she’s had to go through that.”

And Rachel is angry Jai’s main worry is his secret will get out and she tells him he’s having nothing more to do with her baby…

“But later he pleads with her, promising he won’t let her down again. He desperately wants the baby because otherwise he’ll never have a child. It’s a very odd relationship. They’ve made this pact that they’re going to go through with having the baby, but I find it surprising that Rachel keeps the identity of the father a secret.”

Rachel even agrees to Jai’s idea of renting her a flat in Leeds…

“Yes. She said no to that at first, but once the cat is out of the bag she goes to Jai and says, ‘Get me out of here! I can’t deal with this’. Jai’s very stressed, too. As happy as he is about this baby and seeing the scan pictures, etc, it’s tainted because he’s having a child with Rachel and not Charity.”

Does Jai think Charity would forgive him if she finds out?

“Obviously everyone’s waiting for the Charity-finding-out moment. What she’ll do is anyone’s guess, but the longer it goes on the more dramatic it will be. We’ve all talked about how Charity would react and whether there’d be any way of Jai and Charity staying together once she knew. I think probably not.”

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