Emmerdale’s Chris on Jai’s shock infidelity

Emmerdale‘s Chris Bisson reveals to Soaplife why Jai reacts to Nikhil’s baby news by cheating on Charity – with Rachel!

So Jai’s not happy when he hears Nikhil’s going to be a dad?

“He’s devastated because Charity won’t have his baby. Not having children is a huge sacrifice for Jai, possibly the biggest he could make. He wants to be happy for Nikhil, but he’s struggling.”

Is the novelty of being married to Charity wearing off?

“I don’t think the novelty is wearing off, but reality is starting to hit him. He still loves Charity, she’s great fun and they make a great team, but she’s taking away the one thing that Jai really wanted – a kid of his own – and that’s a big blow. It’s not something you get over easily, it’s a very difficult situation.”

Could it end their marriage?

“I think if he had known before that she didn’t want a baby, he maybe would have thought harder about marrying her. But he does love her and they do have Noah together – they are a family.”

In fact, Charity has agreed to change Noah’s surname to Sharma on his passport, but still ends up hurting Jai. How?

“They’re not on the best of terms when the passport arrives and Charity just tosses it aside. She doesn’t even give Jai the satisfaction of seeing the name change. She’s being completely selfish. She doesn’t realise how much that actually hurts him.”

She hurts him so much he ends up at the factory with Rachel!

“Jai’s in a really, really bad place, so he gets drunk and goes to the factory, the only place he can find peace away from Charity. Rachel comes into the factory for her cleaning shift and she’s had a rubbish day as well. So, they start talking and drinking.”

And the rest!

“Yes. They end up a bit too close and next thing they’re doing something they shouldn’t do.”

And afterwards?

“Jai is devastated – he’s betrayed Charity and he deeply regrets what he’s done. He knows he shouldn’t have done it and this plays out quite badly for Rachel, the way he talks to her; he makes her feel really small. He doesn’t do it on purpose, he does it because he’s devastated.”

So that’s a time-bomb ticking away under his marriage…

“It’s a horrible thing that Jai hopes will stay a secret – he’s blind to the fact that it might come out.”

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