Emmerdale‘s Chris Chittell reveals to Soaplife how Pollard comes close to getting closer to Val – and Brenda sees everything! Which means Pollard’s alone again… But for how long?

If Val hadn’t have left would Pollard ever have noticed Brenda?
“I don’t think so. Valerie pressed all the right buttons for him. She was a pain in the butt, but she had more pros to her than cons as far as Pollard was concerned.”

So does he still love Val?
“He doesn’t want to admit that. Val changed him. Until she came along all he had in his veins was liquid money. He didn’t really have any thought for anyone else. Valerie has hit him where it really hurts – his wallet – so to admit that she means anything to him after that, well…”

So what brings on the crisis between him and Brenda?
“Brenda’s upset when Pollard invites Val to lunch with Kerry and Val pushes Brenda aside and sits next to him.”

And then he and Val bond while discussing the Kerry situation – and kiss!
“Yes. Valerie makes the first move, then it’s kind of mutual. But then Pollard pulls away and tells her off for being so preposterous for even considering that they might get back together after her deceit and what happened.”

But Brenda sees the kiss and tells Pollard she’s leaving him because he clearly still loves Val…
“He’s upset because he’s fond of Brenda and he’s upset that she’s upset. He wishes there were some way that things could have been resolved as painlessly as possible.”

One last question: do you think Pollard should take Val back?
“Well, she presses all the right buttons and you’re only here once. And there’s the danger! Much better to have a little danger in life than not at all. She keeps him on his toes and he responds to that.”