Emmerdale’s Chris promises big soap ‘stand-off’

Emmerdale star Chris Bisson has told viewers they can expect a “big stand-off” between his character Jai Sharma and Cain Dingle in the New Year.

The actor promised there would be “plenty of fireworks” between the two men as Jai tries to win over Cain’s girlfriend Charity Tate, played by Emma Atkins.

Speaking on the soap’s website, he said, “There’s a big story for Jai, a big love story potentially building with Charity. He’s actively trying to steal Charity from right under Cain’s nose.

“Obviously there will be plenty of fireworks and a big stand-off between the two lads.

“Jai isn’t intimidated by Cain,” Chris added, “which kind of throws Cain because he’s used to getting his way and used to intimidating people. Jai stands up to him and we’re going to see how that plays out.”

Emma Atkins added that the story would mean “constant one-upmanship” between the two characters as Cain becomes increasingly possessive.

“Instead of pulling her back it’s as if he’s throwing her away again,” she said.

“It’s like he’s tracking her every move and she’s saying ‘the more you do that the worse it’s going to get’. It’s constant one-upmanship, which is great.”