Emmerdale’s Chris: ‘We’re dividing the public’

Emmerdale’s Chris Bisson has revealed viewers have been approaching him in public to warn him off feisty Charity Tate.

The soap star revealed to Digital Spy that Emmerdale fans seem split over Charity and Jai’s engagement, as some are keen for Charity to settle down with Jai, while others haven’t forgotten her shady past.

Chris said: “It’s been quite funny, as I gauge feedback from when I’m walking around the supermarket and I see what people say to me.

“Some people seem to want a big wedding and they want Charity to change and be happy with Jai. But some people try to warn me off and say that I don’t want to be getting involved with Charity as she’s trouble! It’s interesting that there’s a bit of a split – it’s good that we’re dividing opinion.”

Jai’s parents are about to arrive in Emmerdale – played by The Bill’s Trudie Goodwin and Holby Blue’s Bhasker Patel – and Charity will discover Jai has kept their engagement a secret from his family.

Chris revealed: “I think that Jai has a reservation in the back of his mind, which is understandable because of the things that Charity does. Because of all the things that have happened, Jai hasn’t felt 100 per cent about the relationship – especially as things have been a bit rocky.”

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