Emmerdale’s Danny Miller tells Soaplife why Aaron has to be the chief suspect in the imminent ‘Who shot Robert?’ drama…

Why would Aaron shoot Robert?

“He tried to kill his mum and then Paddy – twice! He also killed Katie [Sammy Winward] and made Aaron keep it a secret for all that time.”

Does Aaron still love Robert (Ryan Hawley)?

“Yes, I think he loves him with all his heart, but he hates him, too, and has been getting angrier as the weeks go by.”

Is Aaron capable of killing?

“The thing about Aaron is, when he’s backed into a corner he does stupid things without thinking. Keeping Robert’s secret has been agony for Aaron – perhaps he thinks that everything will be OK if he got rid of Robert and told the truth.”

How does Aaron feel about their affair now?

“Robert has ripped Aaron’s heart out a few times, but he has this thing for Robert that he has never had for anyone else. That’s why he’s allowed Robert to be so horrible to him.”

When did Aaron realise just how bad Robert is?

“When Paddy [Dominic Brunt] said, ‘He tried to kill me’. It dawned on Aaron there and then that Robert was the sort of person he didn’t want to be anywhere near.”

What happens in the aftermath of the shooting?

“Chas [Lucy Pargeter] is there when Robert is shot and Bob [Tony Audenshaw] suggests that somebody get her a drink. Kerry [Laura Norton] then pipes up with, ‘Yeah, I’ll have a brandy’ – and she’s not even part of it. It’s such a funny line. Emmerdale is good at putting some humour in the midst of all the drama.”

Who is the prime suspect?

“Everyone is pointing the finger at each other. Aaron is doing the same, but is he passing the blame or is he guilty? A lot of people have a strong motive to kill Robert, but look at other people’s motives before they examine their own.”

When will we find out who the killer is?

“I’m not saying, but the way viewers find out is unique. There is a massive twist at the end which I think viewers will enjoy.”

Emmerdale, ITV.