Emmerdale’s Danny Miller: Aaron’s back out of ‘pure love’ for Adam (VIDEO)

Danny Miller makes a dramatic comeback in Emmerdale when Aaron Livesy returns out of ‘pure love’ for his closest friend, troubled Adam Barton.

Danny left Emmerdale in 2012, with Aaron fleeing overseas after taking the rap for an arson at the garage which was actually committed by Adam. He returns on Thursday and interferes with Adam’s job as a lookout for Donna and Ross just as they commit a high-risk raid.

Danny told What’s on TV: “Something that was always key for me and I think for Emmerdale was that it wasn’t focused around Aaron, the big entrance sort of thing, it was a lot to do with being story-driven…

“[Aaron] is now sort of matured in that way he wants to direct Adam on the right path and it was very story driven… He left to help Adam so it made sense that he came back to help him and for no reason, he doesn’t have to do it, it’s just the pure love for him as a friend. He just wants to help him in any way he can.”

Watch the interview with Emmerdale’s Danny Miller above.