Emmerdale’s Danny Miller eyes a career as a director – eventually (VIDEO)

Danny Miller returns to Emmerdale as Aaron Livesy tonight in a dramatic, thrilling storyline and while he’s pleased to return to the ITV soap, he tells What’s on TV he’d eventually like to be a TV director.

Danny said: “The directing route is something I’d like to master elsewhere now…

“A lot of the directors have been great. Since they’ve found out my eagerness to be involved in directing they’ve often given me their view and their advice and I’m asking more and more questions each day to learn more because as far as I’m concerned it’s one of the best places to learn the tricks of the trade, because it’s so fast and you have to learn it.”

Danny says he had no hesitation about returning to Emmerdale as Aaron, who’s been on the run in France for two years, having confessed to an arson he didn’t actually commit two years ago.

He said, of his two-year break: “I was lucky and I feel like I was blessed to the stuff I set out to do. I said I wanted to do a bit of drama, a bit of theatre, a bit of film and I was lucky enough to sort of dabble in all of that and when the phone call came from Emmerdale to ask how would would you feel about coming back it wasn’t even a case of needing to think about it. It was just a case of when.”

Watch our interview with Danny Miller above, while Aaron’s return screens at 7pm tonight.