Emmerdale’s Danny on Aaron’s new love!

Emmerdale‘s Danny Miller reveals to Soaplife that Aaron’s found a new man – but that the ghost of Jackson may stop him following his heart…

For the first time since Jackson’s death, Aaron’s taking a chance on love with rugby player Ed. “Because of what happened with Jackson, Aaron hasn’t been comfortable around men,” Danny tells Soaplife. “But there’s something different about Ed…” Unfortunately, there’s something difficult about him, too – he’s about to move to France! Could going with him be Aaron’s big upcoming exit?

What attracts Aaron to Ed?

“He likes Ed’s laid-back approach to life, but at first Aaron plays it cool because he’s not sure that Ed’s gay.”

How does he find out that Ed is gay?

“Ed goes to the farm to help Adam and Aaron out and Ed and Aaron have a quiet chat. Aaron asks Ed if he’s gay and he says he is. He adds that he’s proud of it… then leans in for their first kiss.”


“Aaron’s chuffed. He feels happy, like himself again. But he’s a bit embarrassed that he is happy. It’s been a long time.”

Then they go on a date that goes wrong…

“They go to Bar West and it throws Aaron because he went there a lot with Jackson. Ed offers to get the beers, but the barman tells Ed about Aaron’s past with Jackson. Ed’s a bit paranoid about being with Aaron and tells him, ‘Let’s leave it here and I’ll call you’. Aaron asks what his problem is and Ed says the barman told him about Jackson. Aaron’s annoyed. He’s let Ed into his trust circle only to have Ed judge him. He deletes Ed’s phone number, saying he doesn’t need him in his life.”

Then Ed turns up to apologise…

“Aaron tells him to go away. But Paddy has a word with him and he realises he’s made a mistake and gets back in touch with Ed.”

What happens when they next meet?

“Aaron shows Ed his self-harming scars to get it all out in the open. It’s like he’s saying, ‘Look, this is what you’re getting into. If you want it, you want it. If you don’t, there’s the door’. Ed says he does want it and they kiss again. From then on they’re good with each other.”

Then Ed says he’s going to work in France!

“Aaron’s gutted. He’s left himself open and now it’s gone wrong.”

But they spend the night together. Would Aaron go to France with Ed if he asks?

“He wouldn’t know what to do – trust this lad and go off with him, or stay in the village with his family.”

You’re leaving Emmerdale soon. How do you feel about that?

“I’m excited about what’s next for me. My exit storyline is amazing – I’ve read it all. The writers are sending Aaron off in a way that most people won’t expect. If we get it right it’s going to be heartbreaking for some people.”