Emmerdale’s Dominic Brunt says Paddy sees himself as a dad to Aaron and will never betray him or his gay secret…

How does Paddy know that Aaron’s worrying about something?
“Because he’s moody and acting very shifty. In the end Paddy follows him when he goes into Hotten and sees him talking to this guy Jackson outside a club. He’s convinced Aaron’s dealing drugs.”

Does he confront Aaron?
“Paddy does some research at home then leaves some leaflets on drugs in Aaron’s bedroom. He’s trying the softly-softly approach and isn’t prepared at all for Aaron’s violent reaction.”

Is that when Aaron hits Paddy then?
“Not right then. Paddy tries to talk to Aaron and when he denies doing drugs Paddy threatens to phone the guy he saw him with. That’s when Aaron really loses it. He tells Paddy he’s beginning to sound like Adam and suddenly Paddy twigs Aaron is gay.”

What does he say to Aaron?
“He cautiously says, ‘You’re gay, aren’t you?’ But Aaron denies it and goes to leave. Paddy shuts the door to stop him and that’s when all hell breaks loose. Aaron totally loses it and viciously attacks Paddy. Paddy’s helpless as Aaron punches him again and again.”

What finally stops Aaron?
“As Paddy lays on the floor, Aaron’s sickened by his own actions and his bravado cracks. Aaron’s emotions come pouring out and he confesses he’s gay and terrified. Nothing Paddy can say helps and Aaron packs his bags and runs off into the night.”

What happens when Aaron returns?
“Paddy tells him he just wants to help, that he knows what it’s like because his cousin is gay. Aaron replies he’s sorted it… he’s going to live in denial and keep on having girlfriends. The problem is Aaron is a homophobic homosexual.”

Does Paddy report Aaron for assault?
“He doesn’t, but Chas does after Aaron comes back and neither he nor Paddy will say what happened. Paddy manages to convince the police it wasn‘t Aaron and he was mugged then asks Chas to keep her distance from Aaron.”

So Paddy’s going to keep Aaron’s confidence?
“He has to. Paddy can’t betray Aaron. As far as Paddy’s concerned he’s as good as Aaron’s dad.”