Emmerdale’s Dominic: ‘Cameron chooses Debbie!’

Emmerdale‘s Dominic Power reveals to Soaplife how a fight with Cain persuades Cameron to break Chas’s heart, not Debbie’s…

Is Cameron really going to run off with Chas?

“This was a plan they made quickly after Gennie found out about their affair. Cameron knows that she could reveal it at any time.”

So what does he tell Debbie?

“He says he’s going on another trip to Jersey. He’s using his kids again as pawns which isn’t very nice.”

Leaving Debbie isn’t nice!

“Cameron probably feels he’s doing it for the right reasons. As much as it makes him feel bad, he feels it’s for the best in the long run.”

But on the day he’s supposed to leave he gets in a fight with Cain…

“Cain’s convinced Cameron’s up to something and accuses him of it. Because Cameron’s got the conflict going on in his head, it’s the straw that breaks the camel’s back.”

But Debbie gets hurt in the fight and is rushed to hospital…

“And Cameron’s devastated and suddenly the guilt over everything really kicks in. It’s a wake-up call for Cameron. Debbie’s the only person he’s thinking about. He doesn’t think about Chas, or that she’s waiting for him so they can run away together. He’s thinking: what if both Debbie and the baby die? If the baby dies, what about Sarah? There are three lives at stake here – all because of his actions.”

Does he feel the same when he finds out Debbie and the baby are OK?

“Yes. He comforts Debbie and tells her he’ll never let anyone or anything hurt her again. The accident makes him feel like he’s been picked up and shaken vigorously.”

So where does this leave Chas?

“Cameron tells her he’s unsure about leaving Debbie and she tells him to get out. He feels awful because he does still care for Chas. He’s in a weird place where he feels like he’s in love with two women for two different reasons. Cameron says to Chas, ‘It’s just not that simple’. And it certainly isn’t.”

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