Emmerdale’s Dominic: ‘Cameron’s a quick thinker, it’s not over yet!’

Dominic Power talks to TV Times magazine about playing Emmerdale’s killer Cameron and why prison makes a nice change…

Cameron is now behind bars. What do you think about the change of scene?
“I have done manic for nearly two years now. Now he is angry. He’s angry with Chas because he thinks it is all her fault for egging Debbie on and making her work with the police to trap Cameron. Cameron is facing a triple murder charge, but all he cares about is getting a message to Debbie to let her know that he would never have hurt her or the kids. He is still very much in love with her.”

Since joining Emmerdale in 2011, Cameron has had a tough journey!
“He didn’t start off as a killer. He was so charming and now he is so duplicitous, but he hasn’t developed a taste for murder. I can’t believe he is very well. He has made one seriously bad decision after another and therefore thinks he is completely innocent. He believes in his own lies – it is the art of self-delusion.”

Do you think he’s become desensitised to murder?
“I did worry that if he killed yet again, he’d be wearing headphones and saying ‘Boo hoo, I have killed someone. Sorry, let’s crack on.’ He hasn’t enjoyed any of the murders and he found moving Alex’s body traumatic. But when it came to Gennie, the third killing, he was quite cold and calculating. She was a threat to his relationship with Debbie, so she had to go.”

What do you think viewers think of his situation?
“I don’t think viewers will see it that way though. Killing Carl was one thing. He was a villain. And as for Alex, well, that was a snap decision, he liked Alex, but killing Gennie – I think the audience want his head on a spike now and the quicker the better!”

With Cameron in court this week and Chas relaying news of the trial to the rest of the village, do you think we’re about to see him pay for his crimes?
“That would be telling. You have to remember that Cameron is a quick thinker and a good liar. Stay tuned because it is not over yet!”

What’s it like working on the show?
“I love my role at Emmerdale and I’ve learned so much from actors such as Emma Atkins, Charley Webb and Lucy Pargeter. It’s great to play a villain and Cameron has been a brilliant one to get my teeth into. What Cameron is so good at is being your worst enemy, but with a twinkle in his eye.”

What does your family make of you playing Cameron?
“My mum’s not happy; she wants me to play a nice period drama part. She wants to see me on Downton! My children are dead proud, but when I go the job at Emmerdale, my son said ‘Why couldn’t you get Waterloo Road?’”