Emmerdale’s Dominic: ‘Cameron’s going to kill again’

Dominic Power explains to Soaplife how desperate Cameron is to keep Alex’s body hidden, but how he also knows he’s going to have to kill again in Emmerdale!

How shocked is Cameron when he hears that Declan is going to dig up the land where Alex’s body is buried?
“Can I use rude words? It’s absolutely ‘Oh s***!’ It comes totally out of the blue. Cameron never thought about Alex’s body being discovered – or at least not so soon. He thought the moment that anyone found the body it would be dust, totally decayed.

So what’s he going to do?
“Dig it up!”

And do what with it?
“Basically just move it off that land and to another location somewhere. But maybe he’ll think twice about burying it again – maybe he’ll burn it. Right now, he’s just panicking about getting the body out.”

And he does – but just as Declan’s workmen turn up with diggers…
“Cameron’s like a rabbit caught in the headlights. Literally. He has to quickly cover the body up again, but it’s a shoddy job and he knows he’s got to go back… and soon.”

Could you imagine Cameron ever confessing to Chas?
“At some point he’ll want to confess to her. His biggest guilt is that he can’t truly be happy with her until he can truly be honest with her. But right now all he wants to do is get that body moved. It would only take someone walking in the woods to kick a leaf and they would see something. He’s very worried.”

Worried enough to kill again?
“Definitely. It’s Emmerdale for goodness sake! Of course there’s going to be another murder. And, of course, Cameron is going to do it!”