Emmerdale’s Dominic: ‘Expect some fireworks!’

Emmerdale‘s Dominic Power hints to Soaplife that Cameron… and Chas… and Debbie will be a big part of the drama that unfolds for the soap’s 40th anniversary live episode.

The web Cameron’s weaved is just about as tangled as it gets. And that’s because he still can’t decide whether he loves Debbie the most or Chas. “Ultimately he’s confused,” says Dominic. “It’s a messy situation. Cameron loves Debbie massively, he adores Sarah and he loves having a family unit. But he also has very deep feelings for Chas. I don’t think Cameron knows what he wants.” With it all due to kick off big time in Emmerdale’s live 40th anniversary episode, we reckon it won’t be about what he wants – it’ll be about what he gets!

Just before Chas is due to marry Dan, she drops a new bombshell on Cameron…

“She tells Cameron that she’s told Carl she’ll run away with him, but that really she’s going to marry Dan and run away with him! Cameron’s left reeling. He’s the one who will be left exposed by Chas’s plan.”

What can viewers expect from the 40th anniversary episodes?

“Viewers can expect some long-awaited fireworks. It will have been worth the wait. It’s all going to come to a head in a very big way. Ultimately, at some point, it’s all going to come crashing down.”

Have you enjoyed the Cameron and Chas storyline?

“It’s always great to play villains and this one’s been really nice to get my teeth into. It helps that Cameron was so charming and now he’s become so duplicitous. I think what Cameron is good at doing is being your worst nightmare, but with a twinkle in his eye.”

How are you feeling about the special live episode?

“Every time I hear that four-letter word ‘live’ I get a sort of numb sensation in my left arm and I think I’m about to have a bit of a clutcher. I think it’ll be a good challenge. There’s a real buzz, a real adrenaline to the atmosphere and I’m hoping that’s what carries me through.”

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