Emmerdale’s Dominic: It’s a ‘bombshell’ to Cameron

Emmerdale‘s Dominic Power says Cameron will never get over Debbie sleeping with Andy – because the baby will always be there to remind him!

Cameron’s reeling from the shock of Andy’s revelation that he and Debbie slept together to make the baby she’s expecting. And his first instinct is to get as far away from them as possible. “Cameron’s shocked, angry – then more shocked and more angry,” says Dominic. “He felt the trust between Debbie and him had already been damaged several times, but he never thought she’d do that. So he packs his stuff and intends to get the hell out of there.” But Debbie can be very persuasive…

What does Debbie say to defend herself?

“She says she had no alternative and it’s only ever been about saving Sarah. She didn’t want to tell Cameron because she knew how badly he’d react. She says she truly loves him, but he doesn’t believe that at the moment and moves into the B&B.”

Is there anything Debbie can say to stop Cameron leaving?

“She tells him she’ll do whatever he wants as long as he stands by her. He feels massively betrayed, but he loves her so much. He’s being absolutely tested by this bombshell.”

Is he worried that Debbie has feelings for Andy?

“He thinks she might. He’s paranoid about the whole situation. It’s eating away at him.”

So, Cameron makes conditions if he’s going to stay…

“He insists there are no more lies between him and Debbie. He’s not 100 per cent convinced, but he’s letting his heart make that decision. He’s not sure it’s the right decision. He’s just hoping it is. He also demands that Andy stay away.”

But Andy is Sarah’s dad!

“That’s what Andy says to Cameron, who is near exploding point. The only way Cameron can be in this relationship is by removing Andy from the immediate situation… Andy shouldn’t come near the house or Debbie. If this doesn’t happen, Cameron will crack and be gone for good.”

But won’t the new baby also be a constant reminder of what happened?

“That is playing on Cameron’s mind. Debbie seems to think they can forget about what happened and move on, but the baby will be a reminder of her betrayal for ever.”