Emmerdale‘s Dominic Brunt explains how the sweetness of Paddy and Rhona’s wedding day is soured by Marlon’s shock announcement.

Paddy and Rhona have rushed their wedding forward in anticipation of a brand new life in New Zealand, but Paddy and Rhona don’t even make it to the reception before things start going wrong, beginning with his best man Marlon going AWOL because he doesn’t want them to take Leo to New Zealand. “Paddy’s not just gutted, he’s devastated,” says Dominic. But when Marlon does turn up, Paddy’s going to wish he hadn’t…

At the last minute Marlon does turn up at the wedding, but he drops a bombshell at the reception, doesn’t he?
“He tells Paddy and Rhona he’s getting a court order to stop them taking Leo away. Paddy and Rhona’s first emotion is devastation although they become angry later on. One minute Marlon was going to New Zealand with them and everything was solved. The next he’s saying he isn’t going and doesn’t want Leo to go, either. But they don’t know the reason he’s changed his mind is because he’s actually restarted his relationship with Laurel.”

Would they resent Marlon if he prevents them from going?
“It’s not just that. Rhona points out that they would be beholden to Marlon for ever about everything – even just taking holidays and so on. If they don’t do this then Marlon will be calling all the shots.”

Do Paddy and Rhona believe Marlon will really fight for custody?
“They do and Paddy doesn’t think it’s right. The facts are that Paddy and Rhona didn’t know she was pregnant with Leo when they started their relationship. She and Marlon had already made a clean break – or so they thought. Then they found out Rhona was pregnant before they’d hardly had any time together. Should this then mean that Rhona and Paddy are beholden to Marlon for ever?”

Would they go to New Zealand without Leo?
“Absolutely not. Rhona and Paddy are Leo’s principal parents. She’s his mother and would never go without him and nor would Paddy. Marlon is Leo’s biological father, but Paddy’s bringing him up and feels like Leo’s dad.”