Emmerdale’s Dominic on Cameron’s wake-up call

Emmerdale‘s Dominic Power reveals to Soaplife that Cameron’s days are numbered when he’s caught out on a sneaky weekend away with Chas!

So, Cameron gets out of going to Paris with Debbie by convincing her to take Andy instead. How does he pull that off?!

“By stressing it would be a good idea for them to spend time together as a family. He’s made it look like he’s being completely unselfish, but really he’s being crafty. He’s said he’s going back to Jersey to see his kids but really he’s taking Chas away to a hotel. It’s such a dangerous thing for him to do.”

Dangerous – and stupid. Cain takes a call from Cameron’s son and realises Cameron’s not in Jersey…

“Cameron’s alerted when his son calls his mobile and leaves a voicemail saying he tried to ring him in Emmerdale and Cain answered. Cameron tells Chas that Cain knows he’s not in Jersey and they panic. He knows he can no longer pretend that it’ll all be OK in the end.”

What’s Cameron more afraid of: Cain beating him up, or Debbie finding out he’s cheating on her?

“Debbie finding out is far worse for him. He thinks that he can handle Cain by pulling the wool over his eyes and telling him more lies. What’s working in his favour is that everyone knows Cain’s a bit of a stirrer anyway.”

Does Cameron truly love Chas?

“Yes he does – but I also think he’s still in love with Debbie. It’s pretty much a case of him loving two women at once. When he’s at home with Debbie, he shuts off about the thing with Chas. Then when he’s with Chas, he deceives himself that the Debbie life isn’t happening.”

Why doesn’t Cameron just tell Debbie the truth?

“I think Cameron would honestly like to be all-out truthful but Chas is insisting that Debbie’s baby is born first and they don’t give her extra stress while she’s pregnant. Cameron can’t see the point in waiting – it’ll be bad at any stage and he wants to do it now. He’d like to just run away from all of this and marry Chas.”

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