Emmerdale’s Dominic says Cam’s life is a car crash!

Dominic Power reveals to Soaplife that killer Cameron is being driven crazy by Chas’s suspicions – which sort of explains his crazy plan to drive his van into a tree in Emmerdale!

Cameron’s panic starts when work suddenly begins on the site where Alex is buried, doesn’t it?
“Yes. He’s worried that any minute now the police are going to come knocking, having found the body. When he first buried Alex I don’t think he covered his tracks too well as he never thought this remote bit of land would be disturbed so he didn’t remove any trace of his DNA or anything.”

So he takes a big risk and moves the body…
“But he barely copes with the decayed remains. Not only is there a stench, but the thought of what he is doing is terrifying for him. He’s nervous about getting caught, plus it’s a wretched job.”

Does he thinks it’s worth it?
“I think for a split second he’s quite relieved as he’s dealt with the body and he’s burnt the evidence.”

And then?
“Then he listens to his phone messages from a very angry Chas. He’s missed the fundraiser for Brenda’s hospital – which was his idea – and knows she’s had enough. He knows he might have blown his relationship with Chas for ever.”

Which is when he deliberately crashes his van into a tree! Is he trying to kill himself?
“He doesn’t really think about what he’s doing… It’s really just a last-ditch attempt to give himself a story that explains his absence and why he didn’t reply to his phone messages.” 

Chas is ready to throw him out. Does she change her mind?
“You will have to watch to see. But Cameron does seem to be quite lucky at the moment…”

Gennie still definitely doesn’t trust Cameron. Might she be his next victim?
“I don’t think Cameron’s looking for another victim quite yet. I think he’s just grateful he’s bought more time by reburying Alex’s body, but there are still some great twists to come!”


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