Emmerdale star Eden Taylor-Draper has said Belle Dingle will feel guilty no matter what the verdict is in her trial.

Teenager Belle is about to stand trial for murder after her best friend Gemma Andrews died from a severe head injury as a result of Belle pushing her over during an argument.

Eden revealed: “If she’s found guilty, she would be devastated because she would’ve lost everything – literally everything…

“But if she’s found not guilty, then she still won’t be ‘free’ as such because she would be in turmoil with what’s gone on. I think as she grows older, she would be happy that she didn’t go to prison, but in the short term it’s different because part of her feels she should be punished for what happened.”

But the16-year-old actress admitted than Belle hasn’t been thinking much about the trial recently, following her romance with Sean Spencer (Luke Roskell).

Eden said: “She’s just completely put everything to the back of her mind and hasn’t really been focusing on it. She also doesn’t seem to realise what could happen, and I think this thing with her and Sean and getting pregnant is all quite exciting for her!

“I really don’t think she realises the seriousness of the situation.

“I think she hopes deep down that she doesn’t go to jail, and she is optimistic that she won’t, but she’s not letting other people know that.”


Press Association