Emmerdale’s Emma Atkins: ‘Charity is convinced Megan’s trying to kill her!’

Emmerdale’s Emma Atkins reveals to Soaplife how Charity fears her lies will be exposed and a crazed Megan is out to kill her…

Charity thinks she can handle her embittered sister-in-law Megan, but their feud takes a sinister turn when Noah collapses. Doctors discover he’s ingested pesticide that was in Charity’s wine – and the last person seen to handle the bottle was Megan. “At that point, Charity’s starting to freak out at Megan’s behaviour,” says Emma. “It’s game on now.”

It’s Charity who feels ill first, isn’t it?
“Yes. She suspects she might be pregnant again and thinks, ‘Surely not after all this’. She takes a test, but it’s negative. She’s always vowed she doesn’t want more children and she’s relieved at the result.”

Then Noah collapses…
“He’s found on the ground outside the cricket pavilion, with a bottle of wine beside him. There is definitely something wrong, but at first it looks as if he’s had too much to drink.”

Why does Charity tell the police it was Megan?
“She’s convinced Megan is trying to kill her, though Declan [Jason Merrells] is not so sure. But once Charity hears something was found in her wine, she’s certain it was Megan. Also, the trucks have been vandalised and Megan doesn’t deny she did that. It’s uncharacteristic for Megan to do something like that, but Charity sees it as a sign of how desperate she is.”

Is she scared of Megan (Gaynor Faye) now?
“It does make her paranoid and anxious, but it also makes her more determined than ever to win the battle.”

Is Charity relieved when Debbie (Charley Webb) lies in public and says she had the abortion?
“It’s a catastrophic lie, but it saves Charity’s skin. However, she’s still in trouble. Debbie, Chas [Lucy Pargeter] and Cain [Jeff Hordley] all know Charity had the abortion. The more people who know then the more jeopardy she’s in and the more chance there is of Declan finding out. She has to think fast to cover every track and it sometimes feels like the walls are closing in on her.”

So Charity’s not safe, even though the police have Megan?
“This isn’t over yet. There is some thrilling stuff coming up. We spent two days filming on location. It was incredibly challenging and it will be the culmination to this story.”

How are viewers reacting to the story?
“A lot of people come up to me and say, ‘Charity needs her comeuppance!’. I can’t condone any of Charity’s actions. She’s shameless, but she’s great to play.”

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