Emmerdale’s Emma Atkins tells Soaplife about Charity’s new nightmare: being kidnapped – and left for dead…?

Declan’s got what he wanted: everyone hates Charity. She really needs to get out of Emmerdale and she packs her bags, planning to do just that. But someone doesn’t want her to leave…

Driving away, Charity is ambushed and locked in a shipping container – and then her abductor has a terrible accident. “Charity thinks it’s Declan,” says Emma. “She’s terrified.” And so she should be. Declan has already tried to kill her once. But is this Declan’s doing – and is Charity a goner?

Things aren’t great in the village for Charity then?
“No. Her family have washed their hands of her, Jai [Chris Bisson] is angry about how she got rid of Rachel and Archie and Declan is still out there…”

Doesn’t Declan’s money cheer her up?
“No, because when the solicitor visits, Charity says that Declan [Jason Merrells] was just as much to blame for the insurance fraud. The solicitor says that as she has admitted her guilt she can’t be helped. Charity wants to know how bad it’s going to be and she’s told that they could freeze her assets and take Home Farm. It looks like she will be destitute.”

Is that why she decides to do a runner?
“The paranoia is growing, because she doesn’t know if Declan is dead or alive, so she decides to cut her losses and leave for a while. Her main concern is Noah, but Debbie [Charley Webb] says she’ll look after him. Charity takes some money from the safe at work and leaves.”

Well, she tries to…
“Yes. She finds herself down this dirt track. There’s a car further down, facing the opposite direction with the hazard lights on and all the doors open. She goes to investigate and gets a knock on the back of the head.”

Where does she wake up?
“In a black hole, which is, in fact, a shipping container. She’s chained by one ankle. Whoever has put her there, has left her a bucket and throws a bottle of water in to her.”

Who does she think it is?
“She thinks it’s Declan. She can hear noises and screams for him.”

And then Charity’s captor has an accident, right?
“Yes, but she doesn’t know this, she thinks she has been left for dead. The water runs out and she starts to go a little bit doolally.”

What will happen to Charity?
“You’ll have to wait and see! I’m so glad she is getting her comeuppance. She’s terrified and I’m sure some people will think that maybe now she will learn her lesson.” 

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