Emmerdale‘s Emma Atkins says the moment she discovered her screen husband Declan wants to kill her character Charity she was shocked to the point the ‘hairs on the back of her neck were standing up’.

Declan has taken Charity away on a supposedly rejuvenating break. Little does show know but Declan (Jason Merrells) now knows she aborted their baby and, in his deranged, grief-stricken state, rather than divorce her he wants her dead.

Emma told What’s on TV: “She completely trusts him because she’s convinced it’s Megan [who tried to poison her]. It’s not until they get to the cottage and something is unveiled to make Charity realise it’s not actually Megan, it is in fact Declan and… it’s horrifying. When I was filming it I had hairs on the back of my neck standing on end, just the thought of that and then you see them pelting through the woods.”

She continued: “Those were the two days of filming that were so exhausting because there was so much dragging each other through the woods and… Oh, you’ll get to see it, I don’t want to give too much away. But it’s a spectacular unveiling of events!”

But Jason added that there’s a fine line between hateful homicidal intent and love: “It’s always not just one thing, there are two or three points where they could fall off it and just go ‘This is crazy’ and then almost hug each other.”

And there’s more massive drama to come.

Emma said: “There’s an even greater twist.. and that’s the best thing for the audience. They will not believe it, because even when we read it, it was ‘Oh my god!’ …Beyond this epic adventure, there’s going to be another fantastic twist.”

Watch the interview with Jason Merrells and Emma Atkins, above.