Emmerdale‘s Emma Atkins gives Soaplife the lowdown on the high drama of Charity’s marriage to Jai…

How is Charity feeling in the run-up to her wedding to Jai?
“She’s actually very emotional. When I first read the script I noticed how often she seemed to be crying! It’s the culmination of everything. She’s been through so much over the past few months with her family and also with Cain more than anyone else. She won’t believe the wedding’s actually going to happen until it’s over and she has the ring on her finger. She just wants to be Jai’s wife. There’s no going back. This is going to be the wedding, the marriage, she actually succeeds in.”

So she’s sure about this marriage?
“Absolutely positive and she’s over the moon about it. This is her fifth attempt at marrying! The first, the Moulin Rouge wedding to Chris Tate, did happen but three other efforts went wrong on the day: the one to Tom King, then the guy who turned out to be cheating on her with Debbie, and the one to Cain. Charity just wants to settle down and be with the guy she loves and that’s Jai. She’s found the one!”

She could have jinxed it, though, because she breaks a big pre-wedding rule and spends her wedding eve with Jai! Why did she do that?
“Her hen night’s a non-event so she has a few drinks in the pub then goes back to seduce her husband-to-be. He tells her she shouldn’t be there, but she’s like: ‘Listen, who makes rules? We’re getting married and tomorrow’s going the be the worst day of our lives [she says that tongue-in-cheek]. Your family hates me, my family hates you, but who cares? We’re getting married’!”

And we know it goes well. Even Debbie turns up. How does that happen?
“There’s a bit of dramatic situation in the taxi on the way to the wedding that involves rushing back to Debbie’s, which causes a bit of a delay. But it ends in a lovely surprise for Charity and the viewers.”

Is Charity totally over Cain?
“There’s a lovely scene on the morning of Charity and Jai’s wedding, and I think the viewers will be surprised just how different Cain and Charity are with each other in comparison to other scenes in the past. It’s quite heartbreaking in a way, but Cain has finally recognised that though there will always be a connection between him and Charity, right now Jai is her man!”