Emma Atkins reveals to Soaplife how Emmerdale‘s Charity and Declan take their business into the bedroom!

Jai leaving Charity alone and Katie leaving Declan alone leaves them all in one heck of a mess when business turns to pleasure for Charity and Declan. But Emma insists Charity didn’t set out to seduce Declan. “It starts as just a bit of flirting and ends up as an ‘Oh dear! What have we done?’ moment,” Emma tells Soaplife. Oh dear? It’s much more OMG!

What brings Charity and Declan together?
“Charity wants in on the next music festival and she puts a business plan together… She thinks that it’s fine to do a bit of flirting, too. She sees it as harmless.”

And how does Declan see it?
“He knows Charity’s game and he enjoys playing along with her.”

But it changes from harmless flirting to cheating…
“Charity goes to Home Farm to hopefully close the deal and is being flirty again when Declan suddenly suggests she should leave. They have a spat and start hurling insults at each other, then there’s this frisson. There’s chemistry – a real sizzle – and a lot of sexual tension between them. Charity makes to go but Declan pulls her back. They kiss and it’s very passionate.”

Much more passionate than just a kiss! How do they feel when the passion’s over?
“Well, Declan’s married to Katie and he’s Jai’s best friend and Charity’s married to Jai. So it’s an ‘Oh-what-a-tangled-web-we-weave’ scenario. Now it’s not just Jai who has dirty little secrets.”

Soaplife has an idea that Katie might discover the secret very quickly, though…
“While Charity and Declan are together, Robbie rings to let Declan know that Katie’s on her way back – but Declan doesn’t pick up. Viewers will see Katie arrive, go in and shout for Declan, but I’m not saying whether or not she catches them together.”

Would Charity care if Jai found out?
“She’s trying to act as if what they’ve done is not that big a deal, but she knows what she’s done and that Jai must never find out.”

So she does really want to stay married to Jai?
“Yes. For most of the time they’ve had quite a successful marriage. They’re two people who love each other and enjoy each other’s company. Plus she’s with someone who gives her financial stability, which is something she’s always wanted. This is now all hanging in the balance. She realises what she might lose.”

Now that she’s played away, would she be more forgiving if she found out about Jai’s secret baby with Rachel?
“No way! A one-night stand is a one-night stand, but a one-night stand plus a baby is a whole different ball game. With Charity it’s double standards. In her mind, what Jai did would simply cancel out what she’d done and she’d still be the injured party.”