Emmerdale’s Fiona prefers ‘nice bars to the Woolpack’

Emmerdale actress Fiona Wade has said she is much more of a city girl than her country-loving character Priya Sharma.

Fiona, 34, told the Daily Star that she is splitting her time between London and Leeds, but feels much more at home in one of the capital’s cocktail bars than sipping pints in the Woolpack.

She said: “I’m a city girl and still finding my feet in Yorkshire.

“I split my time between London and Leeds, but I do love it up north now.”

Talking about nights out at the Woolpack, she said: “I’d prefer to go into town for dinner and drinks at a nice bar.”

Fiona explained that she is very different from her Emmerdale character: “Priya and I are very different in that she’s a lot more confident with men than me. I’m a bit shy and less bolshy than her.”

Priya has been involved in an Emmerdale village love triangle recently with partner David Metcalfe’s sham wife Alicia, who’s out of prison and hoping to win him back.

Fiona reckons there could be a fight about to break out between the love rivals.

She said: “The story will definitely run for a while to come. It seems to change on a weekly basis and we will keep the viewers guessing. Even I don’t know yet.

“Priya might get a slap off Alicia before long. It could definitely end in a big scrap. She has form, after all.”

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