Emmerdale’s Gaynor Faye tells Soaplife about how scared Megan is after Charity convinces her she caused her to miscarry Declan’s baby – the baby Charity was aborting…

Has Megan got any idea that Charity has taken medication to abort her baby?

“It hasn’t crossed Megan’s mind as she would never doing anything that despicable herself. Megan thinks that Charity is having a baby to spite Jai and to get her hands on Declan’s money, so she wouldn’t think for a minute that Charity would try to get rid of it.”

So how does Megan cause Charity to fall?

“Charity and Megan are arguing about Charity’s marriage to Declan. Megan is accusing her of wanting Declan for his money – again. As Megan goes to walk out, Charity grabs her and when Megan pulls her arm away, Charity falls over.”

Is Megan immediately worried about the baby?

“Yes, because Charity makes a big thing of it. She holds onto her stomach and back and, to make matters worse, Debbie sees it all.”

Charity goes to hospital, then announces she’s had a miscarriage, right?

“Yes. Megan feels terrible and is worried that Charity is going to tell Declan that it’s her fault. She feels bad for her brother’s sake because she knows how much he wants a baby and she also realises that he will hit the roof if he finds out it’s her fault. He could lose the plot again and that scares Megan.”

But Charity says she won’t tell Declan about their fight…

“At first, Megan believes that Charity isn’t going to tell Declan because of the hurt it will cause, but she soon realises that Charity is going to use it against her.”

Does Megan feel guilty?

“Absolutely. The day that Charity falls over becomes the worst day of her life. She feels desperately sorry for what she’s done and the guilt weighs heavily.”

Does it occur to Megan that Charity might be playing games?

“At the moment, Megan doesn’t realise that Charity could ever scoop that low – but Jai does…”