Emmerdale‘s Gaynor Faye tells Soaplife all about a certain person who could turn Megan’s world upside-down and inside-out: her secret son!

Megan seduces Carl then turns on him the next day. Why?
“There’s a conversation about Kelly giving up her son Elliot and this stirs something in Megan – it’s an especially poignant time of year for her. She doesn’t like Carl’s flippant comments about what a bad mum Kelly is.”

Because of her secret son?
“She’s struggling because she can’t stop thinking about her son, whom she gave up for adoption as a newborn 20 years ago.”

Is Declan supportive?
“Not really. He makes a very flippant comment, insinuating that she would have been a useless mum anyway. This really annoys her and she ends up losing it. So Declan knows what happened but doesn’t understand why she’s feeling this way.

What can you tell us about Megan’s son?
“She named him Robbie. She was in her late teens when she had him and we don’t know if the baby was the result of a fling or a longer relationship. Declan and her dad weren’t really there for her – no one was really. The consensus was that she should have the baby adopted and get on with her life as quickly as possible. She should forget it ever happened. She’s never seen him since. Robbie wrote to her a few years ago but she ignored his letter.”

So she doesn’t want to make contact with him?
“It’s always been at the back of her mind but she says she’s fine and reckons she has a brilliant life with no dependents. She can do exactly what she wants but, you know, like everything with Megan, this is what she’s saying on the surface. There’s other stuff going on underneath. She’s an emotional coward. This denial of how she’s feeling is not good for her.”

What if Declan was to try to reunite her with Robbie?
“She’d be furious! She’s always telling Declan to keep his nose out of her life. They agree that while they’re good at business together, they’re not good at each other’s personal lives. For Declan to interfere in this would be going a bit too far.”