Emmerdale’s Gemma Oaten shares with Soaplife Rachel’s Valentine’s Day surprise that turns into heartbreak…

So… Rachel and Sam?! That’s what the Emmerdale gossips say, anyway. What does Rachel say?
“Rachel can’t really work how she’s got to the point of liking someone like Sam Dingle! He’s not her type at all. So it’s a bit of a shock when Ali and Ruby start getting involved, and Lisa starts questioning what Rachel wants from Sam.”

Does this affect their friendship?
“Definitely. It’s really sad because Rachel and Sam are so close and all of a sudden all these people seem to be out to pull them apart.”

Except little Samson and Amelia…
“Yes. They decide to plant a Valentine’s card from Sam to Rachel.”

Does she fall for it?
“Completely. It’s so sweet the way she reacts to it because she’s actually chuffed to bits. It’s kind of like confirmation that she’s been right to have the feelings she’s been having for Sam.”

Then Rachel finds out the card wasn’t from Sam…
“She goes to see him and Sam tells her it was from Samson and Amelia. She’s embarrassed, humiliated but ultimately she’s heartbroken. It’s a side of Rachel we’ve never seen before.”

Does Sam say how he feels?
“He tells her they can only be friends. But he only says this because everyone is interfering, supposedly for his own good. Actually, I think Sam is feeling very different to what he tells Rachel.”

Would they make a good couple?
“An absolutely amazing one! When I watch them – me watching as myself – on screen together, it just seems to be a really genuine partnership. Plus, it’s a bonus for me because I adore James. We’re great friends in real life and I think that definitely comes across on screen.”