Victoria Sugden knows she faces jail after knocking Ashley down with her car… So she wants to get wed before her day in court. Emmerdale’s Isabel Hodgins reveals all the drama to Soaplife…

Runaway lovers Victoria Sugden and Adam Barton plan to marry before Victoria has to go to court to face criminal charges over hitting Ashley with her car. But Robert [Ryan Hawley] wants to stop them. When Cain finds them, will he help them – or help Robert?

“There’s a lot that could go wrong,” says Isabel. “Will Cain tell Robert and Moira about the wedding? And what if Finn and Aaron end up opening their big mouths?” 

And what if Victoria gets sent to prison?

Why have Victoria and Adam done a runner?

“They’ve run away together because everyone at home is against them. They want to spend some time together and get married before Victoria has to face court.”

So she is going to show up at court?

“Absolutely! She knows that if she doesn’t, she’ll be in a whole heap of trouble. Also, Victoria feels terrible about what happened to Ashley [John Middleton] and wants to face up to it.”

Then Cain turns up…

“It’s the day before the wedding. She and Adam [Adam Thomas] explain that they have no intention of skipping court, but Cain [Jeff Hordley] doesn’t want them to get married without Moira [Natalie J Robb] there. He leaves very grumpily and they’re not sure what he’ll do.”

Is Victoria worried about the court case?

“It’s on the same day as the wedding and, all the way through the ceremony, Victoria’s thinking that she could be going to prison later.”

Do you think Adam and Victoria are well suited?

“I do. He’s one of the Bartons and lives on a farm and Victoria is a member of Emmerdale’s original farming family. They love each other and Adam is good when he needs to be. He can be useless sometimes, too, but that’s good, as Victoria likes bossing people about.”

Emmerdale, ITV