Emmerdale‘s Jake Roche tells Soaplife that it doesn’t all go to plan when Isaac and Hannah go to bed…

Shane Richie’s not the only soap star in his family now that his son, Jake, is making his mark as Isaac in Emmerdale. Soaplife talked to the teenager about his role as Hannah Barton’s boyfriend…

“I can’t get enough of it,” 18-year-old Jake said in a break between filming scenes for his first big storyline. “I’m really loving being in Emmerdale.” If he’s got anything like his dad’s charisma we’re going to love him being in it, too…

Is Isaac a good boyfriend for Hannah Barton?
“Well, he genuinely likes her. He wouldn’t be putting this much effort in otherwise. There’s an intelligent side to her which he really likes.”

Is Isaac putting pressure on Hannah to sleep with him?
“It’s his hint-dropping and the occasional one-liners that sometimes come across as too forward. But Isaac is waiting until Hannah wants to take the next step – even though Isaac can get frustrated.”

We’ve heard that Hannah makes the first move in the end. What happens?
“They’re at Victoria’s house party and have both been drinking and Hannah sees Isaac flirting with another girl. She’s scared she’ll lose him if she doesn’t sleep with him and leads him to a bedroom.”

So do they have sex?
“They do, but there’s an accident with the protection he’s using which kind of ruins things.”

Can we expect Hannah to announce she’s pregnant?
“Well, she certainly thinks she could be, but Victoria helps her get hold of the morning after pill. Isaac feels guilty when Hannah later tells him she’s dealt with it.”

Will this make their relationship a bit awkward?
“Most definitely. Hannah doesn’t think she can trust Isaac again and that’s upsetting for Isaac as he does really like and care for her. Isaac still wants to be there for her, but I think because it was Hannah’s first time she is cringed out by it.”

We have a feeling Isaac’s going to break Hannah’s heart. Is he?
“I really hope not. I want Isaac to be a nice guy. Isaac himself is very genuine – a down-to-earth lad whose heart is in the right place. But then again, he is only a teenager and gets lots of female attention at college…”