Emmerdale’s Jamie gets steamy with Louise

Emmerdale’s Jamie Hope is Louise Appleton’s new toyboy lover. But actor Alex Carter’s not bovvered… he’s just glad Jamie’s got laid!

So Jamie finally gets laid… by Louise! How does that happen?

“After the Karaoke Night in the Woolpack. Jamie persuades Louise to sing a duet with him. They have a laugh and a snog then end up in bed together!”

Has Jamie always fancied Louise?

“Only really since he started helping her out at the B&B. He didn’t really notice her or know her before.”

Does he mind being a toyboy?

“Not at all. There’s about 10 years between him and Louise and I think he quite likes it.”

Could that be because he hasn’t had much action till now?

“I think Louise is the first woman in the village he’s even kissed let alone slept with. To be honest, I don’t know if he’s ever had a relationship before.”

What attracts him to Louise?

“She’s a good-looking woman but, not being rude to her, it might also be a case of there not being many other options in the village! Jasmine’s a mate, Katie’s made it clear she’s not interested, Jo’s spoken for and Debbie tried to bribe him. But Jamie does genuinely like her.”

Does Jamie knows she’s a disaster zone for men?

“Jamie knows about her past. He doesn’t care. If anything he’s a bit jealous. He’s certainly not happy when Terry returns to the village and he can see how close they are.”

How would he feel if he knew she’d killed one of her boyfriends?

“That’s a really difficult question to answer. Obviously he’d be shocked but Ray Mullen was a psychotic stalker so he might understand.”

Are we talking about a relationship here or just a quick fling?

“I don’t know about relationship but it’s certainly more than a one night stand.”

And yet Louise wants to keep it a secret?

“She’s paranoid because she’s had so many relationships with men in the village. She’s worried she’ll get a lot of stick for dating a younger bloke.”

But someone does find out… right?

“Donna catches them in Jamie’s ice cream van! Louise is mortified but Donna promises to keep the secret… for now.”

Is Jamie worried she’ll tell?

“He’s not. He can’t see why they can’t just be open about it all. But Louise is paranoid. She persuades him it’s more fun if they’re having to sneak around. And at the moment he’s not arguing. He’s just pleased, and relieved, to have finally got laid!”

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