Emmerdale’s Jamie: ‘Robbie’s revenge backfires…badly!’

Jamie Shelton reveals to Soaplife how rotten Robbie’s plan to get even with Debbie ends with him doing a disappearing act after a horrendous hit and run in Emmerdale!

Robbie’s on the rampage because Debbie grassed him up to the police for a booze run, isn’t he?
“He’s hurt because he thought Debbie trusted him and liked him. He thought he might be getting somewhere with her. In his eyes she’s betrayed him. He’s feeling bitter and furious with her and he’s keen to get his revenge.”

And he involves Adam…
“They’ve got a common enemy in the Dingles, so he thinks Adam will want to be involved.”

His plan involves stealing Cain’s car…
“He and Adam are in the pub and Robbie takes the keys from Cain’s coat pocket when Cain goes to the loo. He thinks he can sell the car, get some money to pay his police fine and get back at Cain at the same time. It’s his opportunity to get some justice.”

But Adam and Robbie are drunk when they get in the car, aren’t they?
“Yes. Robbie’s driving at first but he’s a bit too erratic for Adam’s liking so they switch. That’s when they have an accident. Somebody’s in the road and the car hits them.”

It’s Kerry but Robbie and Adam don’t dial 999… Why not?
“They stop the car and see a body in the road and panic. Adam wants to stay and see who it is and how badly they’re hurt but Robbie insists on running.”

So they leave Kerry lying in the road?
“Yes. Then Robbie heads off to Manchester and leaves Adam to deal with the fallout.

So now Robbie’s betraying Adam’s friendship the way he reckons Debbie betrayed him…
“Definitely. He should be there for Adam and they should have dealt with this together. Instead he runs away…”

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