Megan versus Charity in Emmerdale is a feud that just won’t go away. In fact, it’s set to boil over when Megan’s son Robbie is arrested for breaking into an abortion clinic.

Megan and Robbie discover Charity has visited the clinic – it was no miscarriage after all!

Jamie Shelton (Robbie) told What’s on TV how events unfold: “Robbie’s working for Charity still, kind of, in that company because Megan said keep working for them, keep your eye on things… And Charity gives him her sat nav and he has a nosey, he has a look at the addresses she’s been using recently and searches for them and the abortion clinic comes up. He presents that information to Megan and they think that they’ve got her. But that doesn’t work because Declan takes Charity’s side…”

So they take drastic action, says Jamie: “…Robbie come up with a plan to break into that abortion clinic and try and find Charity’s files, so he enlists the help of Tracy, he offers her a bit of a bribe to go in, pretend she wants an abortion and have a look around, then come back and tell him where the files are kept.

“She tells him, but she also tells Charity! While he’s trying break in, Charity calls the police and the only bit of evidence they’ll have he gets caught in the act and he gets put away for the night for it.”

Watch Gaynor and Jamie discuss the storyline in Emmerdale, above.