Emmerdale‘s Jason Merrells reveals to Soaplife how Declan tracks down the son Megan gave away for adoption – and how he’s determined for Megan to take him back…

Why is Declan so keen to find Megan’s son?
“When Megan was clearly upset on Robbie’s birthday, Declan got it into his head he could solve everything by tracking Robbie down and pushing them together. He thinks he’s doing what Megan ultimately wants.”

And his private investigator finds him!
“Yes. He discovers that Robbie’s living nearby and that his adoptive family is no more – his adoptive dad never seems to have figured and his adoptive mum is dead. He thinks it’s perfect timing for Megan to step in.”

Does Megan agree when he tells her?
“She’s very angry although she’s a bit up and down with it. She doesn’t know how to approach it. She’s constructed her life as a child-free woman and suddenly it’s like Declan is forcing her into being a mother. She’s not comfortable with it.”

If Megan won’t contact Robbie, will Declan?
“Yeah. Absolutely. I think he would.”

Does Declan know who Robbie’s birth father is?
“He wasn’t really around when Megan was going through it. He knew it happened, but sort of brushed it under the carpet. As far as I know, I don’t think the father is connected to Declan, or anyone Declan knows, but you’re never absolutely sure what will happen on a show like this.”

We’ve heard that skeletons in the family will be revealed. Will they be connected to Robbie?
“I don’t know if it’s anything else to do with Robbie, but maybe there’s something about that time of her life that comes out.”