Emmerdale‘s Declan Macey sets out to ruin life for the Barton family when he catches their son Adam with his daughter Mia.

The protective father – played by Jason Merrells – told Adam never to come near his daughter again after he discovered his affair with her mother Ella. And when he finds he has disobeyed him, he lets rip.

Jason revealed: “He’s going to follow through on his threat and his threat was he’s going to go for the whole family.”

The 43-year-old father-of-five doesn’t think his character is being unfair on the Bartons, ‘because he warned him specifically’.

Jason revealed: “He begins to demand prompt payment for the mortgage. He’s helped them with the mortgage and he’s going to withdraw all of his money eventually.”

Declan is forced to tell his daughter, Mia ,of her mother’s betrayal to stop her loving Adam. Jason said: “He feels he’s driven to it as the alternative is he just lets her carry on having a relationship with this kid that’s done this terrible thing – slept with her own mother and carried on sleeping with her.

“And he can’t let that carry on so his only choice is to tell. He doesn’t want to. He specifically tried not to, but they forced him into that position.

“He is able to comfort her somewhat, and the end of the day he’s all she’s got now. But it’s obvious why he didn’t tell her sooner because he didn’t want to hurt her.”

Jason thinks that deep down, Declan is a good man: “I would say, giving Declan the benefit of the doubt, he’s very generous, because being cold-hearted is brought about by events.

“And it is more a cold rage that is fuelled by terrible things that have happened to him.”