Emmerdale‘s Jeff Hordley hints to Soaplife that Cain’s heart of stone may have been chipped open by Moira!

Last time Cain and Moira were lovers there was no love about it. It was all sex and lies… then tears and then Moira’s husband’s death. But the sexual tension is sizzling again and feelings get involved when they fall into bed this time around. “I think the fans want to see them back together…I hope so anyway!” Jeff tells Soaplife.

Does Cain regret being evil to Moira when they had their affair?
“He was in a really bad place at the time and he was just toying with Moira, playing with her because he could. But if things do progress with Moira now, he’ll feel bad about how he treated her then.”

Why is Cain interested in Moira now?
“Cain’s had a terrible year, what with Zak attacking him and everything else, and it’s really taken the wind out of his sails. He’s ready to be with someone again.”

But then he stands Moira up! Why?
“Because he has to take care of Sarah and Jack to give Debbie a break. Debbie will always be his number one priority, no matter what woman he becomes involved with. He just thinks, ‘It’s OK – it’s nothing serious with Moira. It won’t matter.'”

But it does matter. What happens when Cain does see Moira?
“She’s very cool and makes out she wasn’t bothered anyway. She starts to play Cain at his own game and he doesn’t like it. This is when he realises his feelings for her are deeper than he thought.”

And so he goes to see Moira at the farm…
“Yes. It’s his birthday and he wants to see her. He feels if he’s with Moira he won’t have to talk about or think about the whole thing that’s going on with Debbie and the grandchildren. Moira’s like a safe haven for him. And as much as he doesn’t want to talk about his problems, he does open up to her. She’s like Cain’s therapist – mental and sexual!”

So he likes it when she tears off his clothes?
“There’s chemistry between them so things start to happen when they kiss, but Cain wants to keep their affair quiet. He realises it’s a potential nightmare for Moira and, if Adam finds out, he’ll cause problems.”

Could Cain fall in love with Moira?
“Their passion might lead to a love affair, which I think is always very interesting because, for Cain, it means he opens himself up and becomes extremely vulnerable. That’s dangerous for him.”