What happens to make Jimmy so desperate to go on the run in Emmerdale? Actor Nick Miles gives a wee clue…

Jimmy and Kelly is fast becoming soap’s best romance. Why does Jimmy love Kelly?
“She’s very attractive and makes him feel young. There’s also a playfulness about her that he likes. And she treats him with respect, which is so different from his ex Sadie.”

Talking of Sadie, can Jimmy really trust another woman after her?
“He was wary to begin with and more so when Kelly nearly did a runner with his money. But she didn’t and after that their relationship began to change for the better. He trusts her now because he knows she genuinely loves him.”

Is there anything about Kelly that reminds him of Sadie?
“Kelly’s ambitious and wants success and so did Sadie. But personality wise they’re very different. Sadie was conniving and devious and pretty ruthless.”

How worried is he about Kelly being in court because of the false alibi she gave for him?
“Very. He wants to build a life with her and wants his bride-to-be with him. Jimmy knows Kelly cracked beneath police questioning before and he doubts she’d be able to survive jail. He blames himself as Kelly gave him a false alibi because she wanted to protect him.”

Why did he need a false alibi?
“Well actually he didn’t. Jimmy would have been satisfied to just tell the police he didn’t kill his dad. But Kelly was worried because he couldn’t be definite about where he was when Tom died.”

And where was he exactly?
“What you mean is was he killing Tom! But Jimmy loved his dad. They always had a difficult relationship and Jimmy found the constant put-downs very hard to take. But at the end of the day, Jimmy’s a family man and cared deeply for Tom.”

What kind of prison sentence might Kelly get for lying for him?
“Perjury is an extremely serious offence and Kelly’s solicitor warns she could get four years. Kelly’s terrified.”

Is there any way Jimmy could keep her out of jail?
“Something happens that makes it equally likely Jimmy might end up in jail, too, so he comes up with a plan that both he and Kelly should go on the run.”

Does Kelly go along with it?
“She’s shocked when she realises what he’s planning. That would make them both look guilty and they’d have to live as fugitives.”

Will he listen to her?
“I don’t know… murder is a much bigger charge than perjury and he’s seriously worried by new ‘evidence’ against him and his brothers.”

But we were looking forward to a big wedding!
“So were Jimmy and Kelly! But staying out of jail comes first right now…”